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Our company through its ethical and professional fishing practices over the years has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable places where families and individuals around the world can place their orders and not worry about quality and timing of delivery.

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Sea Food Products

Mud crabs

Fresh mud crabs just at the right price. Our mud crabs have become a very popular delicacy all across Europe and Asia.

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The meat inside our monkfish is just a lobster away. Similar traits with our lobsters, it is a fine and tasty fish with appealing flavor and texture.

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Our natural and wild salmon is a sought after sea food across most parts of the globe.

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Want some great choice for a first date? Our carefully captured lobster is the the ideal delicacy with a delicious flavor and very low in fat, calories and cholesterol.

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Our shrimps are super sweet and lend themselves to a variety of cooking methods.

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Irresistible and tasty oysters with rich texture and a slightly salty taste can be found at our store. Our oysters can also be shucked which make it last for 9-13 days upon arrival.

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We have a wide variety of seaweed and an array of premium quality and vey affordable. Excellent in iron and iodine, our seaweed can be served either hot or cold.

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Our fresh and frozen tilapia are sold year round. Bulk orders can be arranged. Book for your deliveries.

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Fresh Sea Food guarantees the delivery of fresh and standard king crabs right to your home or workplace.

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Our scallops are caught wild and shipped fresh just in time for your special events and occasions.

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Fresh seafood store is proud to inform halibut lovers all around the world of their highly rated sea food which comes in great shape and flavor.

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Our cods come in fresh and handy. Once ordered, expect timely delivery of clean, frozen and delicious cods.

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We have full grown octopuses that are very sensitive to new waters especially and require a relatively slow acclamation period of one to two hours.

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