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Salmons - USD $0

Our natural and wild salmon is a sought after sea food across most parts of the globe.

Bright, flavorful and an excellent source of selenium and potassium, we can now have them shipped just when you desire to eat them. We advise our clients to consume our salmons as it aids in reducing joint and blood vessel inflammation, reducing the risks of heart disease and high blood pressure. We sell and ship our salmons either whole or cut into convenient fillets. Our salmons are always processed fresh, frozen rapidly and then shipped to your destination. Prices: HON Premium 2-3 kg USD 6.11/kg C$F HON Premium 3-4 kg USD 6.40/kg C$F HON Premium 4-5 kg USD 7.00/kg C$F HON Premium 6-7kg USD 8.05/kg CFR HON Premium 8-9kg USD 9.13/kg CFR

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